Scent of an Ovary

by Dyke Destroyer

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We have argued that the push for 'Special Education in Glute Hazard' has been ideologically driven without applying due diligence with regard to the objectives, curriculum, and thrust momentum of the course. Today, pod-hatched units are being taught a course that hasn't a defined tone, sculpted pectorals or appropriate lack of cover. It is a screed that has been marketed to growers as merely a non-invasive alternative to FLEXRAPE instruction in the teaching of thrust practice and ethics. This isn't the case.

The 'Special Education in Glute Hazard' is a philosquatophical course that presents hatchlings with complex situations involving fluctuating variables of FLEX, THRUST and TONE, then asks them what action they would take and why. There are no right and wrong answers.

The operation of this unprofitable CANARD has to date ignored concern that the minutes of all RAPESTORMS are being kept from the Executive, Board and Growers despite previous assurances it would be made public. It has ignored concern that a failure to provide stated objectives and outcomes is facilitating moral GROWTH, not instruction. It has ignored PREVAILING FINANCIAL WISDOM with regard to the development of the unit brain and the cognitive ability of hatched workers to tackle complex LIFTS, operations that can prove divisive even for fully grown units. It has falsely spread rumours that the common practice among staff of INTERFACING personal APPENDAGES in the minds / mouths of the children is causing harm.


released December 2, 2009



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Dyke Destroyer Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Set the Controls for the Arse of your Mum
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